After you choose the brace that is best suited for your ankle condition the most important step in making sure you’re protected is getting the right measurement so that you order the correct size. If you order the wrong size, your brace will be uncomfortable and it will not fit correctly.

When determining which size brace you need and referencing the size charts below, measure your ankle circumference. Do not use your shoe size to pick your brace because the length of your foot is not indicative of the size of your ankle. Then, make sure to watch the appropriate fitting video to see how to wear your new ankle brace. 

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Ultra Zoom Sizing Info

Ultra Zoom braces are not ankle specific. Since the Ultra Zoom will use your body heat to create a snug, form-fit to your ankle they will become ankle-specific after the break-in period is over.

Make sure to mark your brace LEFT or RIGHT on the inner white tab on the top strap to identify which ankle it goes on.

Accidents happen. If you only wear one brace now and end up hurting your other ankle, do not put your used Ultra Zoom brace on your other foot. Doing so will be uncomfortable and cause your ankle brace to start losing its shape.

If after wearing the brace for a period of time you still have an area of the brace that has not fully formed to your ankle, then you can use a home hair dryer to assist with the forming. Heat the area that is causing the irritation for around 1 – 2 minutes on the LOWEST setting. While wearing an athletic sock, apply the brace to your ankle and insert in the shoe. While the brace is warm and flexible, walk around so the brace has an opportunity to form to the ankle. Repeat if necessary. NEVER use a microwave oven to heat your ankle brace. Doing so will melt the plastic.

If you’ve ordered a Small/Medium brace and the lower inversion strap fits but the top strap is too short, purchase an extra long strap for added comfort. You do not need to size up to a larger brace. X-Long straps are available for purchase via our website only.

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How to Wear the Ultra Zoom

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Ultra High-5 Sizing Info

Before putting on your Ultra High-5 brace, make sure that you slide the footplate underneath the insole of your shoe.

Because this brace is used for chronic ankle instability, the Ultra High-5 is made with a more rigid plastic than our other braces. This means the brace will take a little longer to break in and be comfortable.

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Ultra CTS Sizing Info

When putting on your Ultra CTS brace, secure the middle strap first followed by the lower inversion strap that goes over the foot, then lastly secure the top strap.

When you secure the straps over the top of your foot, make sure they do not overlap on top of each other and that they are fully secured to the pad that goes over the top of the foot.

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How to wear the Ultra CTS

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Purchasing Additional or Replacement Parts

  • All braces use the Upper Activity Strap, but only the Ultra Zoom and Ultra CTS use the lower inversion strap.
  • Since we size our braces by ankle circumference and not shoe size, it’s common for someone to need a small size ankle brace, but an X-Long upper activity strap.
  • Need to replace your ankle brace straps? Ultra Ankle sells replacement upper activity straps , lower inversion straps , and pads on our website.
  • When you’re replacing the straps on your brace, do so one strap at a time so you can see how they were originally inserted.
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Fitting Questions and Concerns

If you’ve followed the steps for getting a proper fit or if you’ve tried to break-in your brace but still are experiencing discomfort, please contact our customer support team. We can help you make adjustments to your brace and make sure it is comfortable to wear.

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