Ankle Injury Prevention

About 28% of people who have had an ankle injury will have it reoccur and experience even more ankle instability. That’s why prevention is so important when it comes to keeping your joints stable and strong.

Treating Ankle Sprains

If you’re like most people and attempting to self-treat your twisted ankle and not see a medical professional, it’s important to follow the correct protocol to treat your ankle injury. Our certified athletic trainers are here to provide advice about how to treat an ankle sprain yourself.

Ankle Pain & Instability

If you sprain your ankle after any slight misstep or trip over a tiny pebble, you probably suffer from ankle instability. With each injury, the ligaments in your ankle become more and more stretched, and this makes your joint less stable, increasing the odds that you’ll hurt your ankle more with each subsequent sprain.


If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or another condition in which painful ankle joint irritation is starting to affect your activity level, or if it’s becoming too painful to stand or walk for any length of time, you might find some relief from wearing ankle braces.