Walker or walk-on, starter or star, ankle injuries threaten everyone.

While no injury prevention method is 100% guaranteed, there are some steps you can take to help prevent or reduce the severity of an ankle injury if one were to occur. The most common way to help prevent an ankle injury is by wearing a preventative ankle brace that is comfortable enough to wear every practice and game but durable enough to last for multiple seasons.

When it comes to many sports, most athletes won’t regularly wear an ankle brace until they get hurt or begin to experience ankle instability from years of repeat injuries. You’re more likely to suffer from an ankle injury if you play certain sports like volleyball, football, or basketball because you’re constantly running, cutting, twisting, and jumping. With these kinds of activities, you can experience an ankle injury that ends your season, which is why wearing ankle braces as a preventative measure is so crucial.

Whether you are hoping to stop an ankle injury from happening at work or during a game , there are a few things you need to know before choosing a preventative ankle brace.

  • Any ankle brace that is wrapped around the joint, pulled tight, and makes it difficult for you to move your ankle up and down will not provide the sufficient support to help prevent ankle injuries. Up and down motions do not cause injuries or need to be restricted.
  • If you’re not able to move your ankle naturally without restriction in an ankle brace then you are inhibiting your performance and not strengthening your muscles as well as you could be. Your joint’s natural range of motion should never be restricted by an ankle brace. Invest in hinged ankle brace that will allow the natural range of motion and keep your muscles strong.
  • Make sure to choose a brace that provides enough support to last through a practice, game, or your entire work day. Fabric wrap around and lace-up style ankle braces restrict the ankles natural range of motion so they loose support rapidly with most support being lost in the first 30 minutes of use.  Hinged ankle brace move with the ankles natural range of motion so the straps stay securely in place maintaining continuous ankle support for hours.

Traditionally hinged ankle braces are constructed from stiff rigid plastic that many players find too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time, too big/bulky to fit in their shoes, and unreliable, constantly cracking and breaking. Ultra Ankle braces are made entirely of a new type of thermoplastic that is flexible enough to provide all day comfort while still being strong enough to help prevent any excessive movement that’s going to cause an ankle injury. With Ultra Ankle’s hinged-cuff braces, you’re able to stop worrying about injuring your ankle so that you can focus on what matters most: living life without limits.

Play better and play more, losing less time to injuries.