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Help prevent ankle injuries with the Ultra Zoom. 

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Ankle protection for those with a history of 4+ ankle injuries and/or chronic ankle instability.

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The Ultra CTS treats acute ankle injuries, high ankle sprains, and osteoarthritis.

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Figure-8 straps provide 360º of total ankle support.

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Ultra Zoom®

Ultra Zoom®

Prevent & Perform | $61.95

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Ultra High-5®

Ultra High-5®

Treat & Rehabilitate | $69.95

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Ultra CTS®

Ultra CTS®

Reinforce & Recover | $145.95

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Ambassador Spotlight

“My Ultra Ankles are my safety net. They give me the freedom to move on the court without worrying about accidents and injuries! Attacking, blocking, moving on the court- I know Ultra Ankle has me protected, without compromising any mobility or explosiveness.”

Jenna Rosenthal
Professional Volleyball Player

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Ultra 360 Lace-Up brace

Ultra 360™ Lace-Up

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Ultra Ankle Activity Strap

Upper Activity Strap

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Ultra Ankle Inversion Strap

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Ultra Ankle Comfort Sleeve

Ultra Comfort Sleeve

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athletic trainer


Our certified athletic trainers are available to answer specific questions about your ankle injury and history and make a personalized recommendation on which ankle brace or treatment route might be best for you.


My daughter tore two tendons in her ankle during softball last summer. We were really worried that she might not be able to keep up with all of her sports. She plays volleyball and softball. After trying Active Ankle and a couple of others, we stumbled on the Ultra Zoom. It has been fabulous!! She was able to keep up as the varsity setter for volleyball and was named best offensive player for her softball team. I just ordered two more for her to start off her senior year!! Thank you!!

Cindy from Nevada

Our daughter is a varsity athlete that travels for volleyball many months out of the year. She never sets foot on the court without her Ultra Ankle braces. She has had multiple pairs and swears they have prevented more injuries than she can count. As a middle blocker, she often has balls, other blockers, and hitters end up under her feet. These braces have saved her and are worth every cent over and over again with the amount of times her ankles have been saved! She received attention from colleges this summer as a teenager and she does showcases, camps and tournaments year round.

Angie S

From a parents prospective we wouldn’t have any other brace. We researched maybe 5-6 different braces plus Ultra Ankle. We sent questions to all of them and Ultra Ankle was the ONLY one that responded with a “tailored” response, which made all the difference. All the other ones responded with basic verbiage from there website. From an athlete’s point of view my daughter says she feels “safe” in them. She gets a new pair 2 times a year. One pair for travel and one pair for school ball. She says that she loves the fact that they take on the shape of her ankle after about a week. She had suffered 2 sprained ankles while not wearing a brace and since she started wearing the Ultra Zoom she has not had any issues!

Rob A