Ultra CTS®

Treat High Ankle Injuries, Acute Ankle Injuries and Osteoarthritis
CTS Size Chart

Your ankle brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. View our size chart for instructions on measuring your ankle circumference. You’ll use that measurement to figure out which size brace will provide the best fit.


Size Chart

Measure around your ankle with a tape measure as shown in the photo and then reference the size chart to the right. If your ankle is measuring right at 14" then we would recommend going with the smaller size.

measuring an ankle for a brace

S/M10.5in – 14in26.5cm – 35.5cm
L/XL14in – 16in35.5cm – 40.5cm

Your brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. See our size chart link above to determine your correct size.

Sold in single units, not pairs


Treat Osteoarthritis, Acute and High Ankle Injuries with our Ultra CTS Custom Treatment System.

  • High-Ankle Injuries: A high ankle injury occurs when the ankle is excessively externally rotated. The Ultra CTS has a hinged-cuff design which restricts excessive ankle inversion and ROTATION to treat both LOW and HIGH ankle injuries allowing the injured soft tissue to quickly heal.
  • Acute Ankle Injury: With an acute ankle injury you will most likely have weight bearing pain. The Ultra CTS will “unload” the ankle. Ankle unloading means the brace will absorb some of the impact from standing or walking that would normally be transferred into the ankle causing pain. Maximum lower leg and ankle support and stabilization will take stress off the injured ligaments allowing them to heal much quicker.
  • Osteoarthritis: With bone-on-bone joint irritation, or osteoarthritis (OA) you will need an ankle brace that will “unload” the ankle. Ankle unloading means the brace will absorb some of the impact from standing or walking that would normally be transferred into the ankle causing joint irritation and pain. For more details on how the Ultra CTS works for Osteoarthritis please visit our Osteoarthritis Page.


Who Should Wear the Ultra CTS?

  • Athletes with an acute or high ankle injury who want to return to activity quickly
  • Individuals, such as osteoarthritis patients, who want to reduce painful weight bearing impact that prevents pain free activity
  • The Ultra CTS can be used as an alternative to walking boots when appropriate

The Best Shoes to Wear with the Ultra CTS

  • Recommended: Low-top sneakers that have a traditional tongue and laces where you can loosen the laces enough to fit the brace in the shoe.
  • Not Recommended: Sneakers that have a sleeve or collar design that limit the opening of the shoe. Due to their limiting design, it is very difficult to insert any ankle braces in these shoes.
  • Not Recommended: Tall boots or sandals.
  • Still not sure if your shoes will work with the Ultra CTS? Message our athletic trainers for additional help.
  • Weight:  S/M 8.4 oz; L/XL  10.6 oz
  • Height:  S/M 9.75″; L/XL  10.75″
  • Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
  • Shell: Upper Cuff: Performathane® Soft Shell, Foot Section: Semi-Rigid
  • Break In Period: 2-3 hours of athletic activity or 6-8 hours of casual wear

Although your new ankle braces will fit either ankle when you get them, make sure to mark them “right” or “left” on the white tab on the upper strap and wear them on the same ankle each time. Since the ankle braces will form fit to your ankle, they will become specific to one foot after you break them in.

  • Six Month Warranty Against Breakage
  • Most Customers Experience Multi-Year Use
  • Once more mobility is needed, detach the PerformaFit upper cuff to transition the brace into a low-profile, preventative ankle brace

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“I had a double leg fracture near the ankle and my leg was dislocated so I tore a bunch of tendons, ligaments, etc. My orthopedic surgeon recommended your brace.  I wear it all day long and it is helping.  I have played racquetball twice in the last two weeks. It seems to give me great support but allows me they mobility I need to play the sport.  Also, it goes on so quick and easy which is nice.”

Ryan D.

“I purchased the Ultra Ankle after my daughter sprained her ankle playing capture the flag. Unfortunately, it was 2 days before her soccer season started and she was devastated when she heard it was a high ankle sprain. I expressed mailed the brace so she could start using it as soon as possible. Once she put it on, it was amazing. She went from being able to put no pressure on her ankle to being able to walk normally without crutches. She said it was a miracle. You should have seen the smile on her face. I have no doubt that the ultra ankle has been the reason for her very quick recovery. She will be resuming soccer after just 3 weeks which is very, very quick with a high ankle sprain. Thanks for making such a fabulous product.”

Tammy W.

“First off, your product is far superior to any other ankle brace I have used (which is a lot). My surgeon approved me to use it instead of the lace up, and my physical therapist loves it. I’m still in a boot “ween” program, but my ankle feels significantly better in the brace. “

Wallace G.

“My daughter loves her ankle braces. She rolled her ankle bad back in May and at the AAU nationals in Orlando there was a booth and she tried them on there and fell in love. We had tie up braces and she threw them out after wearing these. We have the Ultra CTS for her bad ankle and the zoom for the other ankle. She plays volleyball and uses them every practice and game. I love how it allows the ankle to move naturally without letting it roll.”

Patricia M.

Refuse to sit on the sidelines
because of a high ankle sprain
or Osteoarthritis

Reduce Weight Bearing Pain

Lessen weight bearing pain caused by an acute ankle injury or a condition such as osteoarthritis by reducing the impact on your joint. The Ultra CTS is the only ankle brace that helps lower pain by absorbing some of the painful impact normally transferred to your ankle joint. With less pain you’re able to focus on increasing your activity and shorten your recovery time.

Transition from a Walking Boot

The Ultra CTS is used extensively by physicians and sports medicine professionals with patients when they transition from a walking boot to active rehabilitation because it provides a full, natural range of motion and helps you regain flexibility and strength.

Custom Treatment System

The Ultra CTS is considered a custom treatment system because it transitions with you during your recovery from an acute ankle injury. Detach the upper cuff portion of your brace to transform it into a low-profile activity brace once you’re ready for increased mobility. This ensures your investment lasts through every stage of your rehab, protecting you from the sidelines to the starting lineup.