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Your ankle brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. View our size chart for instructions on measuring your ankle circumference. You’ll use that measurement to figure out which size brace will provide the best fit. The Ultra Zoom will not fit a shoe size smaller than a women’s size 6 or a men’s size 7.

Size Chart

Measure around your ankle with a tape measure as shown in the photo and then reference the size chart to the right. If your ankle is measuring in-between two size we would recommend going with the smaller size. If your ankle is measuring right at 14” then we would recommend going with the size S/M.

measuring an ankle for a brace

S/M10.5in – 14in26.5cm – 35.5cm
L/XL14in – 16in35.5cm – 40.5cm

Your brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. See our size chart link above to determine your correct size.

Sold in single units, not pairs


The only ankle brace built for performance— you’ll play better and play more, losing less time to injuries with the Ultra Zoom. The Performathane® soft shell forms to you, allowing your ankle to move in all the natural ways while helping to prevent any excessive movement that may cause an injury. The Ultra Zoom is on your ankle in seconds, protects continuously for hours and lasts for multiple seasons.

Who Should Wear the Ultra Zoom?

  • Athletes who play sports with high incidence of ankle injuries, such as volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and others.
  • Athletes who dislike the old style corset lace-up (tie-up) style supports that restrict ankle range of motion and lose support rapidly.
  • Individuals who require slightly more ankle support for their day-to-day activities

The Best Shoes to Wear with the Ultra Zoom

  • Recommended: Low-top sneakers that have a traditional tongue and laces where you can loosen the laces enough to fit the brace in the shoe.
  • Not Recommended: Sneakers that have a sleeve or collar design that limit the opening of the shoe. Due to their limiting design, it is very difficult to insert any ankle braces in these shoes.
  • Not Recommended: Tall boots or sandals.
  • Still not sure if your shoes will work with the Ultra Zoom? Message our athletic trainers for additional help.

  • Weight: S/M (5 oz); L/XL (6 oz)
  • Height: S/M (7″); L/XL (7.5″)
  • Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
  • Shell: Performathane Soft Shell
  • Break-In Period: 2–3 hours of athletic activity or 6–8 hours of casual wear
  • As of 2022, the Upper Activity Strap on both the S/M and L/XL Ultra Zoom is 12.5″

Although your new ankle braces will fit either ankle, make sure to mark them “right” or “left” on the white tab on the upper strap and wear them on the same ankle each time. Since the ankle braces will form fit to your ankle, they will become ankle specific after the break-in period.

  • One year guaranteed warranty
  • Most customers get up to two or three years of use
  • Performathane soft shell will never crack, break, or tear

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“My daughter loves the braces, very comfortable and supportive. She is a high school Senior and plans to continue playing volleyball in college and will be bringing these with her! Besides loving the braces, your personal customer service is unheard of, and such a huge breath of fresh air. Thank you, from one grateful customer. We will continue to share our referrals to teammates in the future.”

Carol M.

“My high school sons play varsity basketball.  The sport, even at this level can be very hard on aggressive players. The aggressive play has led to pain filled ankles for both of my boys. My senior always had pain and walked with a limp, favoring his left ankle primarily.  I google searched ankle support, checked out a variety of products, and chose yours. Both boys are doing much better, especially my senior. It does not negatively impact their play in any way and it’s hardly noticeable. The sore ankles and limp are gone. Thanks for making such a great product and price that the average American can afford.”

Wendy W.

“My daughter is using them to protect her ankles in volleyball.  They have worked really well. We heard about them from the Iowa State University women’s volleyball team.  They were also recommended by my sister-in-law, who was a collegiate volleyball player and is a high school volleyball coach.”

Mia J.

“I injured and reinjured my left ankle numerous times over the years. I have had problems avoiding sprains while walking on uneven surfaces. This caused problems, especially when playing golf, as I walk a course whenever possible. In addition, as a right handed player, my weight shifts onto the left (injured) leg. Thanks to your product, I have been playing and enjoying golf again.”

Geary W.

On in seconds
Protects for hours
Lasts for years



You don’t get used to an Ultra Ankle brace. It gets used to you. The form fit makes your brace fit like a glove. It takes seconds to put on then stays on your ankle, not your mind.

Limitless Protection

Limitless Protection

When you lace up your ankle, you’re limiting your natural range of motion. This type of support can negatively impact your performance. When you wear an Ultra Zoom, you can move in all the natural ways because the brace only restricts excessive movement that might cause an injury. You’ll play better and play more, losing less time to injuries.



The Ultra Zoom will support you no matter what the day calls for, be it a walk down the street or playing in a big game. You can rely on our braces like your body depends on it. Each brace’s Performathane soft shell will provide support for multiple seasons, never cracking, breaking, or tearing.

How to Wear the Ultra Zoom

Order the Right Size for a Perfect Fit.

Your ankle brace size is different than your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. Check our size chart before you order for tips on getting a precise measurement.

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