From explosive cutting to vertical power, basketball is the ultimate sport of movement. There is no question when you’re playing this game you are largely depending on your leg strength and joint stability to get you up and down the court and effectively run your plays.

That’s why it’s not surprising that approximately 70% of varsity basketball players suffer from at least one ankle sprain, making ankle sprains the number one basketball injury. If preventative measures like high top basketball shoes or tape were effective that number would be significantly lower.

While sudden stopping and cutting can cause some injuries, most basketball ankle sprains occur by jumping and landing on another player’s foot. No amount of ankle strength or conditioning can protect players from an injury in these uncontrollable conditions, and once you sprain your ankle, you’re five times more likely to re-sprain it in the future.

While most basketball players realize that keeping their ankles healthy is important, they aren’t willing to sacrifice their performance or become reliable on an ankle brace. And, they should never have to.

Our Ultra Zoom is the best ankle brace in basketball because it uses your body heat to form to you. It allows you to move in all the natural ways and helps to restrict excessive movement that may result in an ankle sprain. It will never restrict your performance.

You’ll play better and play more, losing less time to injuries.