Ultra 360® Lace-Up

Figure-8 straps provide 360° degrees of ankle support
Ultra 360

Your ankle brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. View our size chart for instructions on measuring your ankle circumference and then find the correct size.

Size Chart

Measure around your ankle with a tape measure as shown in the photo and then reference the size chart to the right. If you're in between sizes, choose the larger size.

measuring an ankle for a brace

X-Small10in – 11in25.5cm – 30cm5.5 – 76.5 – 8
Small11in – 12in30cm – 30.5cm7.5 – 98.5 – 10
Medium12in – 13in30.5cm – 33cm9.5 – 1110.5 – 12
Large13in – 14in33cm – 35.5cm11.5 – 1312.5 – 14

Your brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. See our size chart link above to determine your correct size.


Sold in single units, not pairs.


The Ultra 360 locks your ankle in place while the figure-8 straps provide 360º of ankle support to help prevent excessive ankle rolling. The multi-adjustable design allows you to customize your level of support.

Who Should Wear the Ultra 360®?

  • Individuals who require mild ankle support and have a minimal history of ankle injuries.

Individuals with a history of ankle injuries or athletes who play a sport where ankle injuries are prevalent (volleyball, basketball, etc) should consider a brace with more support and performance features such as the Ultra Zoom.

The Best Shoes to Wear with the Ultra 360®

  • Recommended: Low-top sneakers that have a traditional tongue and laces where you can loosen the laces enough to fit the brace in the shoe.

Still not sure if your shoes will work with the Ultra 360? Message our athletic trainers for additional help.

  • Weight: Small: 4.5 oz; Medium: 4.9 oz; Large: 5oz
  • Height: Small: 9”; Medium: 10”; Large: 11”
  • Design: Lace-up
  • Material: Nylon, Velcro
  • 3 Month Warranty Against Breakage


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I rolled my ankle (pronated) while playing basketball. This ankle brace gives the right kind of support and helps to strengthen your ankle as well. I did not feel restricted by the brace BUT I did feel the support it gave to my ankle.

Mark S.

I’ve had bad ankles my entire life. I used to be an athlete in my teens through my late 30’s and constantly battled weak ankles. To this day, I can look at my ankle and it will roll. This has been a constant challenge as I try to stay active and work out. This brace really works to prevent my ankle from rolling.

Kathy T.

Excellent support and fits in my cleat. Over more than a few years playing in adult soccer leagues I’ve had my share of ankle injuries. To continue playing I needed a brace that would support my ankle and fit in my cleat. This device does both. Great purchase.

Shawn R.

360º Complete Support

The lace-up design of the Ultra 360 compresses the ankle to assist with swelling and pain while the figure-8 straps help protect from inversion and eversion ankle sprains.

Versatile Fit

Customize the support of your brace through multiple adjustment points. This low-profile, form-fitting design will fit in any style athletic shoe, boot and will even work with sandals.

Reusable Tape Job

The figure-8 straps of the Ultra 360 were designed to replicate the way an athletic trainer professionally tapes an ankle for support and protection. This lace-up ankle brace is essentially a reusable tape job that you can apply yourself before every practice or game.