We give you 30 days to try out our ankle brace for a reason — wear it!

Our team feels that in the 30 day trial period, you’ll be able to determine whether our products are right for you while also allowing the brace to begin it’s form fitting process and fully break in. You may need some time to adjust to wearing an Ultra Ankle brace  — your muscles may need to get acclimated to the added support that the Ultra Zoom provides or you may need to just get used to having something else in your shoe.

Before Returning Your Brace

  • Having fitting issues? Make sure to watch the videos on our fit and sizing guide or contact one of our certified athletic trainers. Almost all fitting issues can be resolved with our ATs help.
  • Brace doesn’t fit in your shoe? 9/10 times our ankle braces will fit in your athletic shoes just fine, but you need to loosen the laces completely all the way to the tip of the shoe and then tighten them back up once you have your foot and brace in your shoe. Contact our athletic trainers for more tips on getting your brace in the shoe.
  • Not comfortable?
    • Make sure you’re wearing the brace with a long sock for a few hours at minimum to allow it to break in.
    • Wear the same brace on the same ankle every time. By wearing them on different ankles you may mess up the way it fits.
    • During the break-in period, do not tighten the top straps to the point of discomfort. They may need to be a little loose while your ankle is adjusting to the new brace.
    • If you’re having comfort issues on the bottom of your foot with the Ultra Zoom or Ultra CTS, try moving the lower inversion strap into the other strap slot.

If after a week or two of wear you decide it’s not for you, we’ll accept your return with no questions asked.

Note: Return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. There is no restocking fee.

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