What is a High Ankle Sprain?

A high ankle sprain, medically known as a syndesmotic ankle sprain, is increasingly common among athletes and active individuals. Unlike the typical low ankle sprain where the ankle rolls inward, a high ankle sprain occurs when the ankle is forced to rotate externally. This motion can separate the tibia and fibula at the ankle joint, stretching or tearing the syndesmosis – the ligaments and membrane that bind these bones together. High ankle sprains are notorious for their severity and prolonged recovery time.

The Challenge of Healing High Ankle Sprains

The key to healing a high ankle sprain lies in stabilizing the tibia and fibula, which in turn reduces stress on the damaged ligaments and helps manage pain. This is a more complex process compared to treating low ankle sprains, hence the need for specialized care and equipment.



To facilitate recovery from a high ankle sprain, three critical aspects must be addressed:

  1. Compression and Stabilization: An effective brace should compress the tibia and fibula, reducing stress on the injured area and promoting healing.

  2. Impact Reduction: It’s essential to minimize vertical impact from activities like running or jumping. An ideal ankle brace should offload the ankle to alleviate weight-bearing pain.

  3. Rotation Restriction: Preventing excessive external rotation of the ankle is crucial to avoid further injury.

The Ultra cts ankle brace: a revolutionary solution

Most ankle braces on the market target low ankle sprains. However, the Ultra CTS (Custom Treatment System) ankle brace is engineered specifically for high ankle injuries. It features:

  1. Hinged-Cuff Design: Offers compression and stabilization of the tibia and fibula.
  2. Performathane® Soft Shell Technology: Unloads the ankle, reducing weight-bearing pain.
  3. PerformaFit® Detachable Upright: Limits excessive external rotation, protecting against reinjury.

Embrace Recovery with Confidence

The Ultra CTS Ankle Brace represents a significant advancement in the treatment of high ankle sprains. Its specialized design not only addresses the unique challenges posed by high ankle injuries but also offers a comfortable, customizable fit to aid your recovery journey. Whether you’re an athlete looking to return to the field or an active individual eager to resume your activities, the Ultra CTS Ankle Brace is your ally in healing and prevention.

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