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Upper Activity Strap

Replacement Strap
  • Regular
  • X-Long

The Ultra Zoom, Ultra High-5 and Ultra CTS ankle brace all use the same upper activity strap.  This strap secures the ankle brace to the lower leg. All new ankle braces come with an activity strap.  Before applying a new activity strap, pay close attention to how your existing strap loops through the slot on the brace. This makes for an easy transition when applying the new strap.

Upper Activity Strap Lengths

  • Regular – 10.5 inches
  • X-Long – 12.5 inches
How to measure

Small/Medium Ultra Zoom & Ultra CTS braces and all Ultra High-5 braces are originally sold with a regular length activity strap. Only Large/X-Large Ultra Zoom and Ultra CTS braces are sold with an X-Long activity strap.

To Determine if you Need an X-Long Activity Strap: Find your medial ankle bone. It’s the one you can feel protruding from the inside of your ankle. Then, measure the circumference of your lower leg from a point two inches above your medial ankle bone. If the circumference you measured is 11 inches or greater, order an X-Long Upper Activity Strap for a better fit and greater comfort when you wear your brace.

  • Regular – 10.5 inches
  • X-Long – 12.5 inches
  • Six month warranty
  • Most customers get up to 1-2 years of use

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