Upper Activity Strap

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Upper Activity Strap


Standard Activity Strap length is 12.5-inches. Custom made longer straps are available on an as needed basis. Please contact customer support at [email protected]

Sold in single units, NOT pairs


ACTIVITY STRAP MODIFICATIONS – Originally all Ultra Ankle braces came with a 10.5-inch Activity Strap. Now, all Ultra Ankle braces come with a longer 12.5-inch strap.

The Ultra Zoom, Ultra High-5 and Ultra CTS ankle brace all use the same upper activity strap.  This strap secures the ankle brace to the lower leg. Before applying a new activity strap, pay close attention to how your existing strap loops through the slot on the brace. This makes for an easy transition when applying the new strap. These are sold in single units, NOT pairs.

The Activity Strap is made with hook and loop material bonded to 600 denier polyester fabric.

  • Six month warranty
  • Most customers get up to 1-2 years of use

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Replacing the Upper Activity Strap