You have 30 days to try out your new Ultra Ankle brace for a reason. We want you to use it!

Our team feels that during this time period you’ll be able to determine whether our products are right for you while also allowing the brace to begin it’s form-fitting process and fully break-in. It also provides enough time for you to get used to wearing your new  Ultra Ankle brace in your shoe (and for your muscles to get acclimated to the added support that your new brace provides).

Like a new pair of shoes, ankle braces require a break-in period to become comfortable.

When using our ankle braces, make sure to wear a long sock, and, if necessary, loosen your shoelaces to reduce friction until your brace feels comfortable.

Ultra Ankle braces normally take about two to four hours of athletic activity (or six to eight hours of casual wear) to become comfortable. If your brace is still uncomfortable after a a few hours of activity, please contact us. We can help you troubleshoot any discomfort you’re feeling. Most of the time it stems from a fitting issue that may be easy to resolve.