While wearing an ankle brace to prevent ankle injuries may seem like common sense to some athletes, many participants of sports with a high incidence of ankle injuries still don’t find the value in wearing a preventative ankle brace.

Since there are an estimated 25,000 ankle sprains every day in the United States, we wanted to create an infographic that illustrated what that number means in the variety of sports that have athletes that wear preventative ankle bracing.

Recapping Important Facts About Ankle Sprains

  • In the U.S. an estimated 25,000 ankle sprains occur per day.
  • 45% of HS volleyball players will injure their ankle during the sports season.
  • 70% of varsity basketball players have suffered at least one ankle sprain.
  • 85% of youth soccer injuries are recorded as ankle sprains.
  • After spraining an ankle you are 70% more likely to re-sprain your ankle.
  • Lace-up braces were invented before modern sports while the Ultra Zoom was specifically designed for modern sports.

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