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Ultra High-5® Ankle Brace

Reinforce that UNSTABLE ANKLE with the Ultra High-5®. Feather-light but super-strong the Ultra High-5® handles the twists and turns even the toughest season throws at you – with Hinged Cuff Technology you can take high or low ankle injuries…in stride.

Who Should Wear the Ultra High-5®

Athletes with chronic ankle instability due to a history of multiple ankle injuries. Athletes who have reoccurring joint pain due to excessive pounding on an unforgiving playing surface such as artificial turf or hardwood court.

Ultra High-5® Technical Specs:

Weight: S/M 4oz  Med. 4.3 oz Lrg. 4.6oz
Height: S/M  7.75"  Med. 8"  Lrg. 8.25"
Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
Shell:  Semi-Rigid Shell


Jeff from Illinois

My son is a junior in high school. He participates in all sports throughout the year. He twisted his ankle in one of the first official basketball practices in the late fall. Someone gave him a lace-up brace. He used this with OK results. A couple of games he also had his ankle taped. He asked some players on other teams what they were wearing & they talked about the Ultra Ankle. He ordered the Ultra High-5 model. He has been very happy with the performance of his braces and has not thought about his ankle any longer.

Candace from Canada

We heard about Ultra Ankle through a volleyball friend that is involved with the Art of Coaching CLinics in the United States. We had never seen them in Canada before. Both of my sons, 17 & 15 years old were coming off of high ankle sprains- volleyball related injuries- and so we were looking for a different brace, other than the lace up ones that they were wearing when they sprained their ankles. They had both just purchased mid & hightop shoes, and I could not find a hard style brace that fit into these types of shoes, so I was going to have to purchase them new shoes, as well as new braces. Luckily, we came across the Ultra High-5 brace, which fit into their mid & high shoes, and which they found extremely comfortable and supportive. They will continue to wear these braces on both ankles for volleyball, and maybe even during basketball.