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Ultra High-5® Ankle Brace

Reinforce that UNSTABLE ANKLE with the Ultra High-5®. Feather-light but super-strong the Ultra High-5® handles the twists and turns even the toughest season throws at you – with Hinged Cuff Technology you can take high or low ankle injuries…in stride.

Who Should Wear the Ultra High-5®

Athletes with chronic ankle instability due to a history of multiple ankle injuries. Athletes who have reoccurring joint pain due to excessive pounding on an unforgiving playing surface such as artificial turf or hardwood court.

Ultra High-5® Technical Specs:

Weight: S/M 4oz  Med. 4.3 oz Lrg. 4.6oz
Height: S/M  7.75"  Med. 8"  Lrg. 8.25"
Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
Shell:  Semi-Rigid Shell


Michael from Pennsylvania

I have had an ankle problem for most of my life. It has gotten worse in last ten years. Football and motorcycle injuries have stretched ligaments past repair. I cannot stand those stretch ankle supports nor do they work. I have tried all kinds of boots to no avail. I have just learned to live with it during work, hunting, and lots of other activities. This Ultra High-5 works!!! I’m looking forward to hunting again in the Rockies. I will more than likely buy another one so I do not have to switch from boot to boot. Thanks Again!

Beth from Indiana

Actually, we heard about them last year during basketball season when our daughter experienced her second ankle injury.  One of the other mom's told my husband about your company.  We ordered two last year, and reordered one of them again in a smaller size.  So far they help tremendously.  Our daughter still gets her ankle taped before major playing , but the braces have significantly helped her ankle support.  She showed them to her chiropractor in Fort Wayne and he was impressed with them.  Thanks for making such a great product.