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Volleyball Teams

Oregon State University Volleyball

Oregon State University Volleyball has decided to switch from the active ankle brace to the new Ultra Zoom® from Ultra Ankle®. Head OSU Volleyball coach Terry Liskevych states, “We are really excited to be using the Ultra Zoom®. The response from the players has been terrific. I like the fact the Ultra Zoom® is lower profile and fits the players much better because it’s flexible so it forms to their ankle for a custom fit.”

Highlander Volleyball Club

Coach Bart Powell of Highlander Volleyball Club switched his team from wearing the active ankle to wearing the Ultra Zoom®, primarily because of the advanced technology making it more comfortable, supportive and durable.  Coach likes the fact that the Ultra Zoom® fits lower on the ankle and forms to the foot.  Coach Powell feels his players are safer in the Ultra Zoom®.

Oiler Attack Volleyball Club

Coach Wick Colchagoff of Oiler Attack Volleyball Club used the Ultra Zoom® on eight of his collegiate volleyball players and they loved it.  The players stated they didn't even know they were wearing the brace it was so comfortable.  Coach Colchagoff loved the fact that his players had no ankle injuries.

Northern Indiana Volleyball Association

Coach Adria Anderson of NIVA said some of her players play multiple sports so they love the fact the Ultra Zoom® can fit in all their sport shoes.  Coach also states the players like the support, comfort and lateral mobility.  Coach Anderson is using the Ultra Zoom® for both back and front row players.

Indy Juniors Volleyball Club

Coach Tim Hardt of Indy Juniors Volleyball Club loves the way the Ultra Zoom® forms to the foot achieving a tremendous comfort level for his players.  Coach Hardt likes the fact the Ultra Zoom® provides ankle flexibility and movement but with significant ankle support.  Coach Hardt states the low profile of the Ultra Zoom® actually helps the foot fit better in the shoe.

Indy Juniors Volleyball Club

Coach Matt Fishman of Indy Juniors Volleyball Club loves the way the Ultra Zoom® is lightweight yet durable.  Coach states, “its lightweight with support and the players don’t even know they have it on.  I love the fact that it molds to the foot making each brace personalized, there is nothing on the market like it.”

Indy Juniors Volleyball Club

Coach Nick Wolf of Indy Juniors Volleyball Club says his players comment mostly on how comfortable the Ultra Zoom® is.  He likes it much better than the old lace-up supports. Coach Wolf says none of his players wearing the Ultra Zoom® had an ankle injury during the season, compared to athletes wearing the active ankle or lace-ups which had ankle injuries.  Congratulation Coach Wolf on winning the Indiana State Volleyball championship.