lauren’s Story

Hi y’all, I’m Lauren Clark from Austin, TX! I’ve been playing flag football since I was 14 years old and currently play Women’s Flag Football at the collegiate level on an athletic scholarship for Warner University in Central Florida. I started playing flag football with Texas Fury, a premier all-girls youth flag football program in Texas, winning numerous national and international championships with the team. Now as an alumnus of Texas Fury, I have the privilege of coaching one of their 17U teams.

In 2022, I was on the U.S. Junior National Flag Football Team, winning the gold medal in the 17U girls division against teams from Japan, Canada, Panama, and Mexico. In 2023, while playing for Ottawa University my freshman year, we won the NAIA Collegiate Women’s Flag Football National Championship.

In addition to playing flag football for my college team, I also play for GameChangers, a pro-level women’s flag football team, where I play all over the country in tournaments throughout the year.


In 2021, I suffered a major ankle injury while playing in a flag football game, which required complete reconstructive surgery to all the torn ligaments. I needed to get back on the field ASAP and my orthopedic surgeon told me about Ultra Ankle braces, so I started wearing them on both ankles and was amazed with the stability they provided me without restricting any movements or slowing me down. Since my surgery in 2021, I have never played a flag football game without my braces, and I never worry about injuring my ankle again.


I always tell young female athletes who want to play flag football to never let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t play the sport, and to let your game prove them all wrong. Do not let anyone control your narrative, stay focused, put in the hard work and great things will come to you!

lauren’s Preferred Ankle Brace