Ultra Ankle braces require a break-in period for the shell of the brace to form-fit to your ankle.  Typically, this takes 2-3 practices for athletes or wearing for 4-6 hours for non-athletes.  Once the brace has an opportunity to adjust to the shape of your ankle it will be very comfortable to wear and fit in the shoe much easier.  Here are additional fitting tips to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Wearing 2 braces? If you are wearing braces on both ankles, make sure you mark them L or R (left or right) on the white colored tab where the top strap attaches to the brace.  Always wear the same brace on the same ankle so they will form faster and feed better.
  • For the first few practices some athletes wear two pairs of socks for additional cushioning between the ankle and the brace.  
  • Did you purchase the correct size brace? Measure your ankle circumference per the size chart on the product page.  Do not use shoe size to determine brace size.

After the break-in period if the brace is still uncomfortable the best thing to do is send one of our certified athletic trainers a message and they would be happy to help.