If you need to fit your Ultra Zoom ankle brace in your soccer cleats, follow these instructions:

If your soccer shoe had a traditional tongue and laces:

  • Loosen the laces enough so that you can insert your foot in the shoe.
    • At first it might seem like the brace is too big for the shoe, but once the brace is broken-in it becomes much lower profile and form-fitting and will fit in the shoe much easier.

Some of the newer soccer shoes are designed with what is called a single upper, meaning it fits like a sleeve over the foot and ankle.  This type of soccer shoe is much more difficult to wear with an ankle brace because you cannot expand the opening enough to insert your foot with the brace applied.  If this is the case, then you can use an alternative fitting method.

  • First remove the lower mid-foot strap from the brace (it will not be used). 
  • Lift the shoe’s insole and place the bottom of the brace beneath it.
  • Insert your foot in the shoe and secure the laces and the top strap of the brace.