The challenge with treating patients or athletes with acute ankle injures is they typically require two ankle braces for treatment.  The initial treatment requires a more supportive restrictive ankle brace, and then as the ankle heals and more mobility is prescribed, a lower profile less restrictive ankle brace is preferred.  Medical professionals on the clinical side are faced with billing patients for two ankle braces, which is not in the patient’s best interest.  At Ultra Ankle® we saw this dilemma medical professionals face when treating acute ankle injuries so we developed PerformaFit® Detachable Shell Technology that allows one ankle brace to be used for both acute injury treatment and active rehabilitation.

The Ultra CTS® Custom Treatment System combines two advanced technologies.  Performathane® custom-fit soft shell technology uses body heat to form-fit to the ankle, constantly reforming as edema is reduced and the ankle changes shape.  And PerformaFit® Detachable Shell technology which allows the upper cuff of the Ultra CTS® to be detached for a low profile activity brace, or reattached for maximum lower leg compression and stabilization.  The Ultra CTS® is the first ankle brace that can both treat and rehabilitate ankle injuries.

Another reason we developed the Ultra CTS® is because we saw walking boots being prescribed for bracing grade 1 & 2 ankle injuries.  In most cases a walking boot is overkill for treating those types of ankle injuries but the medical professional has no good ankle brace alternatives for treating acute ankle injuries.  Now, the medical professional has an acute ankle bracing option.  The Ultra CTS® provides significant lower leg compression and stabilization which is necessary in the early stages of an acute ankle injury, especially syndesmotic injuries.  The Ultra CTS® also unloads the ankle to reduce weight bearing pain allowing for early activity after injury.  The Ultra CTS® is total ankle injury management in ONE ankle brace.

Ultra Zoom

Help prevent ankle injuries all season long.

Ultra High-5

Reinforce the ankle after a history of multiple ankle injuries

Ultra CTS

Maximize stabilization to treat acute ankle injuries