Ankle Bracing Myths

If you’ve ever Googled these statements about ankle braces, you know that there’s a lot of conflicting information. So, to tackle that and dispel your concerns about ankle bracing technology, let’s debunk five common myths about ankle bracing. 


Extensive research, testing, and actual Ultra Ankle customer testimonials show that the correct ankle braces DO work. In fact, our braces have been proven to be so effective in helping to prevent ankle injuries that Ultra Ankle is the Official Ankle Brace of USA Volleyball!

Braces like our Ultra CTS, for example, have been proven to reduce pain and swelling, stabilize and offload or unload the ankle joint, and relieve ankle pain caused high ankle sprains or acute ankle injuries, and by Osteoarthritis. It has also been extremely effective when transitioning out of a walking boot after severe injury or surgery.

Our Ultra Zoom has been repeatedly tested on and off numerous sporting surfaces with tremendous results in preventing ankle injuries. The Hinged-Cuff Design helps to restrict excessive ankle twisting and turning, which cause HIGH and LOW ankle injuries, while still maintaining natural range of motion.

Real Ultra Zoom Testimonials:

“My daughter has been using these braces for volleyball for 7 seasons, starting as 11U. She is now 17U. She suffered broken ankles at the age of 7 and we used other braces that laced up and had straps. We came across these at a tournament early in her first year and they have provided the support she needed. She is on her third pair!”

“Every player needs these! They were suggested by her select coach for school play so that she did not get injured. They have been amazing and an ankle saver!”

“Great ankle support! I purchased this brace to support my ankle and prevent recurrence of an old injury sprain I incurred while playing Pickleball years ago. So far, it has allowed me to play with no discomfort or strain on my ankle. I also use it to walk long distances. I can also wear comfortably in my tennis shoes. I would highly recommend this product!”

“As a mom I am so grateful my two daughters wear the Ultra Zoom Ankle Braces for their school and club volleyball seasons! Both girls say the ankle braces give them incredible support, a sense of confidence when they play at the net close to opposing players, and flexibility in movement as they defend in the backrow! For over five years we feel the company takes great care of us with their customer service and exceeds our expectations! In our opinion, ankle injuries would decrease if more volleyball players had the Ultra Zooms as protection when playing! They are great quality, hold up incredibly well and are even comfortable to wear!”

Of course, not every brace on the market has the same quality, which brings us to our next myth.


This is a myth for numerous reasons.

Is it really an ankle “brace?”

There are a lot of different products claiming to brace your ankles and help with ankle injury prevention and ankle injury recovery. Neoprene “braces”, for example, do not actually brace the ankle but rather simply compress the joint. Because of this they don’t provide much more support than a tight pair of socks. If you are wearing neoprene sleeves, you should seriously consider something with more support.


Brace quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even two braces from the same company can offer varying degrees of support and mobility. A quality brace is one that’s comfortable to wear, fits to your ankle and foot, and is made of high-quality materials. Most neoprene braces, for example, aren’t breathable, and as they’re often mass manufactured, it can be hard to find the right size and they provide little to no support. The same can be true of lace-up braces. Many companies will tout their lace-up braces provide maximum support. This is far from true. In fact, most lace-up braces are akin to re-usable tape jobs and will lose support within 20 minutes of putting them on.

Our Ultra Zoom brace, however, is made from the highest quality material and is backed by a full ONE YEAR warranty. It is the most durable ankle brace on the market and will last most athletes 2 to 3 full seasons of use.


Almost everyone is looking to purchase an ankle brace for the same reasons. One, ankle injury prevention. Two, ankle injury recovery. And, as stated previously, most companies will say their products will provide one or both of those benefits. Again, not true. The reality is, if you’ve had an ankle injury you are 70% more likely to incur another injury and neoprene devices and lace-up braces do little to nothing to bring that percentage down.

Brace design – from material to padding, to laces, and to straps – can vary a lot based on what the brace is designed to help with. For example, our Ultra Zoom is built to custom form fit to the ankle and foot and provide maximum support AND mobility through the hinged cuff design. It allows your ankle to move in all the natural ways and none of the bad ones. In fact, the Ultra Zoom is the ONLY ankle brace on the market designed for PERFORMANCE. It is made to be put on in seconds, provide hours of support, and last for years. You’ll play better and play more while losing less time to ankle injuries. 

3. ankle BRACING WEAKENS MUSCLES and impairs performance

Bracing, if done with the right product, does not weaken muscles: not moving does. In fact, quality hinged braces, such as our Ultra ZoomUltra High-5, and Ultra CTS, can help strengthen muscles and keep tendons stable with their ability to support the joint maintain natural range of motion. Our Ultra CTS can offer relief from pain and swelling and can even get those who have ankle osteoarthritis up and moving again. With its hinged cuff design and detachable Perfomafit® upright the Ultra CTS, or Custom Treatment System, relieves weight bearing pain and provides rotational stability allowing for treatment and relief from OA, acute ankle injuries, high ankle injuries, and transitioning from walking boots.

Real Ultra CTS Testimonials:

“I had a double leg fracture near the ankle and my leg was dislocated so I tore a bunch of tendons, ligaments, etc. My orthopedic surgeon recommended your brace.  I wear it all day long and it is helping.  I have played racquetball twice in the last two weeks. It seems to give me great support but allows me they mobility I need to play the sport.  Also, it goes on so quick and easy which is nice.”

“I bought this brace because I have osteoarthritis in my ankle. I had a brace made and it never fit properly, it was too big in the heel. I bought this brace in hopes that it would alleviate my pain while walking. It is fantastic. The first time going up the stairs I had no pain, it is wonderful. I can’t say enough about this company for making such a great brace. I highly recommend this brace if you want to be pain free.”

Our Ultra Zoom brace provides similar support and stability while still allowing for range of motion that keeps ankle tendons strong. The hinged-cuff design allows the ankle to retain natural range of motion, thereby allowing both the muscles and tendons to also move naturally and stay strong.

Conversely, taping and most lace-up braces bind and compress the ankle joint and lock it in the “neutral” position. Locking your ankle in the neutral position does not allow for natural range of motion and it negatively impacts mobility and speed, both of which are key for ankle strength and performance.

4. Wearing an ankle brace can cause knee problems/injuries. 

While researchers in a lab setting have demonstrated changes in landing forces and knee kinematics during jump landing while wearing an ankle brace, there is no evidence of increased knee injury while wearing ankle braces during the play. Furthermore, research on sport-specific tasks such as volleyball has shown no impact on knee forces or functional performance. In fact, the Ultra Zoom is designed specifically to limit and absorb impact force on both the ankle and knee joints. This by default lessens the probability of injury but also decreases the number of micro-tears in the ankle tendons, which is what causes “soreness” in the joint after strenuous activities.


It’s true that some braces are “bulkier” than compression sleeves or lace-ups. It’s also true that some mass-manufactured braces aren’t likely to be comfortable due to the cheap materials and poor design. However, the Ultra Zoom custom form-fits to the athlete’s ankle and foot, so it will be comfortable for multiple hours of wear and fit fine into most shoes. Additionally, over time, the Ultra Zoom will continue to custom form fit to the ankle and foot and become even lower in profile. Most people state they don’t even know they have it on after fully formed.


There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about ankle bracing out there, and most manufacturers make claims about their ankle “braces” that simply are not true. This is why said myths and misconceptions are perpetuated. Consumers put their faith in what these companies are telling them and end up getting injured or reinjured while wearing inferior products. Ultra Ankle braces are designed to restore the consumer’s faith in ankle bracing technology. Our ankle braces are based upon years of research and field testing to work with the ankle joint and its biomechanics while still helping to prevent injury. So, if you’re out looking for an ankle brace, we hope you keep Ultra Ankle in mind. We also hope you remember that not all ankle braces are made equal. In fact, some are not even ankle braces but simply compression sleeves. Remember that material, fit, and purpose can make all the difference in the world.