We’re at our best when we live without limits. One thing that can prevent us from that life is an injury. Walker or walk-on, starter or star, injuries threaten everyone. As the leader in ankle protection and innovation, we are committed to providing the best ankle injury solutions to our customers.

Katie – Wears her Ultra Zoom for Soccer and Volleyball

“My daughter Katie loves your Ultra Zoom. It’s the best brace she’s ever worn! When playing competitive soccer, she sprained her ankle so many times that we worried she might land on it wrong while playing volleyball. We didn’t want her to risk a sprain or break so she started wearing braces. We found your braces after visiting your booth at the Colorado Crossroads tournament a few years ago, and she’s worn Ultra Zooms ever since. Hands down, they are the best braces for volleyball, and Katie says they are really comfortable. Glad you also make them in white, so she can continue using them with her college team.” — Melissa S.

“My daughter Abi had some light discoloration on her foot that traced back from the tibia and fibula to the heel bone on the interior and exterior of her ankle. However, she was able to put  enough weight on her foot to limp without support, and she really wanted to play the next day as her team was already short-handed, so we tried the Ultra CTS. The fit was great, and she immediately felt relief. When she put on shoes and went outside to test her mobility, the difference between her walking without the brace and moving and running with the brace was amazing! We continued to follow the RICE protocol through the evening, and she was able to play the next day, something she wouldn’t have been able to even consider without the Ultra CTS. — Sam S.

“My leg is a mess. My orthopedic surgeon recommended the Ultra CTS after a double leg fracture, dislocated ankle, and ruptured Achilles. I wear my Ultra CTS all day long, and it helps a lot. In fact, I have played racquetball twice in the last two weeks. It gives me great support while allowing  me to do a lot. Plus, it goes on quick and easy, which is nice.” — Mike M.

Jared – His Son Returned to Basketball with the Ultra High-5

“We are very happy with the Ultra High-5 braces. Our high school son wears them for basketball. He was having reoccurring ankle sprains in lace-up braces, even after physical therapy. He is 6’7” and weighs 260 pounds so the Ultra High-5 braces support him much better. He has come down from jumping and landed on other players’ feet, but because he’s been wearing his  Ultra High-5 braces, he hasn’t had an injury. Thanks!” — Jared G.

“I purchased the Ultra CTS after my daughter sprained her ankle playing capture the flag. Unfortunately, it was two days before her soccer season started, and she was devastated when she heard it was a high ankle sprain. I had an Ultra CTS expressed mailed the Ultra CTS to us so she could start using it as soon as possible. Once she put it on, it was amazing. She went from being able to put no pressure on her ankle to being able to walk normally without crutches. She said it was a miracle. You should have seen the smile on her face. I have no doubt that the Ultra CTS is the reason for her very quick recovery. Thanks for making such a fabulous product.” — Beth L.

Dave – Treats his Pro Football Players with the Ultra CTS

“We’ve had success when we used the Ultra CTS – especially with the high ankle sprains. It is also useful as a transition out of a walking boot. The only complaint we had was the length of the one strap – which you graciously provided us with X-Long straps. Other than that – no problems.” — Dave W., Athletic Trainer


“My daughter just turned 13, and she is playing front row for her club volleyball team. She wears ankle braces as a preventative measure. She said her Ultra Zoom braces were comfortable right away with no need for break them in, which was great. She’s worn them for basketball too.  She’s happy with the fit and quality, and we feel we’re doing our best to help her prevent an injury!” — JoAnne S.

“I have zero ligament or tendon support as the result of repeated sports injuries. I have a lot of experience with ankle supports, and my Ultra Ankle brace is by far the most comfortable and effective brace I’ve used. I’ve had reconstructive surgery for my injured ankle years ago, and reinjured it last year, destroying the reconstruction. I’ve been using the Ultra High-5 brace for a year now and love it so much that I ordered two more, just to have back-ups on hand. I’m currently training to compete in a triathlon, and I always wear my brace any time I’m on uneven ground.” — Anna R.

Tim – Treats his Osteoarthritis Pain with the Ultra CTS

“Even though I am no longer involved in competitive sports, I still stay very active. Over the years I sustained a number of injuries, and I’m now suffering the consequences. I have developed osteoarthritis in a number of my joints, one of my knees has been replaced, and I am due to have an ankle replacement. In the interim I needed a brace that would reduce the load on my ankle. That’s why I purchased the Ultra CTS. After researching the large variety of ankle braces on the web, I found that almost all only provide lateral support, which did not meet my requirements. The Ultra CTS brace was one of the only options that would reduce the load on my ankle. I use my Ultra CTS on a daily basis, and it provides substantial relief.” — Tim Y.


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