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Ultra Zoom® Ankle Brace

“The” Ankle Brace For Volleyball

HELP PREVENT ankle injuries all season long with our Ultra Zoom®, a lightweight performance brace with proprietary Performathane® Custom-Fit technology which uses body heat to form-fit to the ankle for a comfortable, low profile fit athletes love.  Hinged-cuff design allows full range of motion for long lasting ankle support and performance.  Soft Shell technology offers multi-season durability.  Fits either ankle.  

Did you know? The Ultra Zoom® is the official ankle brace of the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA), PrepVolleyball.com and the Premier Volleyball League (PVL), so you know you're getting the perfect ankle brace for your sport.  Did you know?  The Ultra Zoom® is the fastest growing ankle brace in volleyball.  

Improve Your Performance

Volleyball is a sport with a high incidence of ankle injuries. You need protection so you can compete safely all season. The Ultra Zoom® will form-fit to your ankle for a comfortable, low profile, athletic fit.  Full ankle range of motion provides long lasting support and performance to spike your competition. 

Ultra Zoom® Technical Specs:

Weight: S/M 5oz  L/XL 6oz
Height: S/M  7"  L/XL 7.5"
Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
Shell: Performathane® Soft Shell
Break-In Period: 2-4 hours


Shannon from Texas

I bought the braces for my daughter. She's 15 and plays travel volleyball and for her high school varsity team. So, she's a very active year round player.  She's worn Active Ankle T2s for the last 3 years.  She's snapped 4 of them...usually at a tournament-which left me scrambling to get a replacement. They kept snapping where the side piece attached to the part that went underneath her foot. Your product is far superior and more durable. She absolutely will NOT play without braces. She absolutely LOVES them. They are comfortable, and way more durable than the Active Ankles. She says they are very supportive but not annoying...and very easy to put on. She likes how they fit in her shoes. They are awesome for preventing injuries!! We are very pleased with them and have already recommended them to her friends. 

Joy from Indiana

My daughter wears the ultra zoom ankle braces for volleyball and she sustained an ankle injury last Friday in Colorado Springs at the Team USA Volleyball High Performance A2 Invitational. Without the ankle brace, we're pretty certain she would have fractured her ankle. She's still recovering but was able to be back on the court in less than 48 hours with the help of the Team USA athletic trainers and she should be ready to resume volleyball work outs and conditioning on Monday with her high school. We're very thankful for your great product!