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Ultra Zoom® Ankle Brace

Athletic Trainers: We are Redefining the Performance Ankle Brace.

Custom-Fit:  We developed an advanced Performathane® soft shell that is flexible (not rigid) which uses the athletes body heat to custom-fit to the ankle and foot. Typically, it takes a couple practices to fully form-fit to the ankle. Once formed, athletes love the all-season comfort and low profile fit of the Ultra Zoom®.  Two simple straps make for easy application. Fits either ankle.

Long Lasting Support: Where lace-ups restrict ROM and lose support rapidly, the Ultra Zoom® Hinged-Cuff design moves with the ankle, not against it like with lace-ups, remaining tight and secure for long-lasting ankle support and performance.  

Multi-Season Durability:  Are you replacing lace-ups every season?  Try the Ultra Zoom® which will typically last three full sports seasons.  The Performathane® shell will never crack, break or tear.  Straps and Pads are replaceable as necessary.  

Who Should Wear the Ultra Zoom®

Athletes who want to help prevent ankle injuries without restricting athletic performance.  Athletes with mild to moderate ankle instability. The Ultra Zoom® is especially effective when worn playing Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Soccer and Lacrosse.

Ultra Zoom® Technical Specs:

Weight: S/M 5oz  L/XL 6oz
Height: S/M  7"  L/XL 7.5"
Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
Shell: Performathane® Soft Shell
Break-In Period: 2-4 hours


Trent - ATC from Texas

I gave our starting quarterback the Ultra Zoom ankle brace that I picked up at NATA.  As soon as I got the brace, I knew that he was the perfect athlete to try it out on.  He suffered an ankle sprain in the fall of the 2013 football season.  Despite doctor's clearance, and a clean bill of health with no swelling or instability, he still complained of pain in his ankle.  His complaints even persisted into the spring and basketball season.  Needless to say, the injury was in his head, and was affecting his psyche.  A standard lace up ankle brace did not help to make him feel more comfortable that his ankle had enough support.  After trying the Ultra Zoom this fall, he is back to being his old self.  He no longer complains that the ankle is hurting or feels unstable.  He is much more comfortable this season and back to being the mobile quarterback that he once was.  He states that the brace is very comfortable and doesn't limit him in any way.  Thank you for helping him get over the mental hurdle caused by his previous ankle injury.  The Ultra Zoom has worked wonders in getting our quarterback back to the athlete he was pre-injury.

Gerald - ATC from Indiana

I put an Ultra Zoom on one of our football QBs.  His feedback "it feels like Jesus is wrapped around his ankle!" Those were his exact words haha.  My feedback: I love the brace. I wore one for a couple hours and loved how light weight and comfortable it was. It's very protective with inversion/eversion ankle movements.