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Solve Three Problematic Injury Situations with the Ultra CTS®

Transition from a Boot:  The Ultra CTS® is the perfect ankle brace to prescribe when transitioning from a walking boot because you can still maintain a high level of lower leg and ankle support while unloading the ankle to reduce any residual weight bearing pain.  With the Ultra CTS® you may not need the walking boot at all. 

Bracing the Syndesmotic Ankle Injury:  The Ultra CTS® is taller than any other ankle brace which provides the leverage necessary for the Performathane® soft shell cuff to encircle the tibia and fibula resulting in maximum compression and stabilization which reduces stress to the injured soft tissue.  The Hinged-Cuff design unloads the ankle which reduces weight bearing pain associated with high ankle sprains. 

In-Game Ankle Injuries: When an in-game ankle injury happens to your player, make sure you have an Ultra CTS® in your kit.  Typically, it’s not the instability preventing the player from returning, it’s the weight bearing pain.  The Ultra CTS® unloads the ankle which reduces impact to the injured ankle resulting in a dramatic reduction of weight bearing pain.  Strap it on, Spat it up and get back out there.  

Ultra CTS® Technical Specs:

Weight:  S/M 8.4 oz    L/XL  10.6 oz
Height:  S/M 9.75"    L/XL  10.75"
Design:  Hinged Cuff Technology
              PerformaFit® Detachable Upright
Shell:  Performathane® Soft Shell Uprights
           Semi-Rigid Foot Plate


Mike – ATC from Arizona

I’m and athletic trainer and our starting quarterback suffered a significant high ankle injury midway during the season.  We tried taping and other ankle braces but nothing took away is weight bearing pain.  A fellow athletic trainer told me about the Ultra CTS so we ordered one.  Immediately it took away most of his weight bearing pain, enough so that he could play.  He wore the CTS for four games then we detached the upright and he wore the low profile version the rest of the season.  This brace was amazing.