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Ultra Zoom®


Performathane® Custom-Fit Technology


Rick Peters, Randolph Smith


HELP PREVENT ankle injuries all season long with our Ultra Zoom, a lightweight, low-profile performance brace with proprietary Performathane® Custom-Fit technology which uses body heat to form-fit to your unique ankle for enhanced comfort and protection.

Performathane® Custom-Fit Technology

Exclusive to the Ultra Zoom®, the Performathane® Custom-Fit Technology uses body heat to form-fit to your unigue ankle producing the most COMFORTABLE and LOW PROFILE ankle brace you will ever wear. There is no other ankle brace available with Performathane® Custom-Fit Technology.

Hinged Cuff Technology

The multi patented Hinged Cuff Technology provides Anti-Rotation "twisting" Anti-Inversion "turning" protection in a compact low profile ankle brace you can wear every practice and game to help prevent high and low ankle injuries.

Easy Application Technology

Unlike fitting those complicated time consuming lace-up supports, the ZOOM Ankle has only two straps for a quick and easy application. 

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