We understand what sports medicine professionals want because we’re sports medicine professionals ourselves. You want braces that are well-thought out and highly-functional, injury-specific, and made with durable high-quality materials.

Rick Peters, a certified athletic trainer, has been developing ankle bracing technology for 35 years. He has 18 patents on hinged and hinged-cuff ankle brace designs. We don’t say that to impress you, but to impress upon you that Ultra Ankle bracing solutions were created by someone with enough experience to ensure that each brace is well-designed, thoroughly field-tested, and functionally sound.

As an AT, the first question I would ask if I were evaluating a new ankle brace technology would be, “why should I recommend these to my athletes or patients over what I’m currently using?”

The answer is simple. Your athlete or patient can benefit from an Ultra Ankle brace because each brace is designed to treat a specific ankle condition. You wouldn’t wear a running shoe to play basketball, and you wouldn’t prescribe a lace-up brace to treat an acute ankle injury. At Ultra Ankle, we have designed three braces specifically for ankle injury prevention, chronic instability, and acute ankle injuries. All of our ankle braces are made in the USA in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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