Welcome to the Ultra Athlete family! Let’s get started on helping you get the most out of your new ankle brace.

Step 1: Break-In Period

With our hinged Limitless Performance ankle braces it’s important to keep in mind that (like new shoes) there will be an initial break-in period of:

  • ~ 4-6 hours for athletes or those participating in vigorous activity
  • ~ 6-8 hours for individuals wearing the brace for walking or other activities

For fabric ankle braces, such as the Ultra 360 Lace-Up, the break-in period will take approximately 1-2 hours for all individuals.

Step 2: Follow Product Specific Fitting Instructions

Click on your ankle brace for specific fitting instructions:

Ultra Zoom®

Prevent & Perform


Ultra High-5®

Reinforce & Recover


Ultra CTS®

Treat & Rehabilitate