Tamera “Ty” Young started playing basketball at the age of 9. Not until her last year of middle school did she realize how much she loved the game.

Playing outside daily with friends and finding her competitive nature led her to becoming one of the top female basketball players out of Laney High School. Earning a four year basketball scholarship to James Madison University, she graduated at the time as the CAA all time leading scorer.

In 2008 she was the number 8 draft pick in the first round of the WNBA draft. The first ever from her college. In her free time Ty loves to spend time with family and friends or sneaker shopping. She has a sneaker room with over 600 pairs of sneakers.

player stats

Position: Guard | Height: 6-2 | City: Las Vegas, Nevada | College: James Madison

Get to Know TY

What advice would you give a younger basketball player?

Prove doubters wrong and always be self motivated.

What does being an Ultra Athlete mean to you?

Being an Ultra Athlete means to go above and beyond. Giving your ultimate best at all times even when no one is watching.

What is your favorite part of playing basketball?

The support of fans and kids looking up to me watching and supporting me as I’m doing something I love.

What are you most proud of accomplishing thus far?

Lasting in the WNBA for 12 years coming from a mid major college where people didn’t think I belonged or was good enough.

Why you think other players should consider wearing Ultra Ankle braces?

These ankle braces have quality support and doesn’t restrict your play.


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