As if spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars a year on playing volleyball itself alone isn’t enough, sometimes the volleyball player in your life deserves a little something extra. Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts, birthday presents, or just a little something to surprise your teammate/best friend one of these gifts would be perfect for the volleyball player in your life.

Ornaments – A great holiday tradition to start would be getting an ornament for your volleyball player every winter listing the year, their team, their number, and other memorable stats. Once they’re older you can gather up their volleyball ornaments over the years and let them put them on their own display. Even better, if you have multiple volleyball players in your family – start a volleyball themed Christmas tree with personalized and volleyball-centric ornaments.

Fabric Deodorizers  – Ok, so if you’re a parent this gift may be more for you than your player but sometimes it’s just necessary. Travel size bottles of Febreze or other odor sprays can be perfect stocking stuffers that end up being kept in a travel bag to help control some of the awful odors that can be found in there. I’m talking about you, knee pads.

T-Shirt/Sweatshirt of their Favorite College Team – If your volleyball player is working hard towards earning a scholarship at their favorite school, help them dress the part before they get that offer letter. Oversize t-shirts and sweatshirts are the perfect gift for athletes.

Art – For the more creative volleyball player in your life, look to the internet to find some volleyball inspired art and prints. Items such as these volleyball string art boards, printable volleyball graphics that you can print and frame at home, and custom photo prints would all make great gift ideas.

Updated Gear – If you need to buy new gear for volleyball season you might as well wrap it and consider it a gift, right?? Why not! Make sure to take advantage of holiday sales to buy new stuff for the upcoming club season such as shoes, knee pads, volleyball ankle braces, and Spandex.

Water Bottle – While some people may think that a water bottle could be a boring gift, they always come in handy when you’re constantly on the go. Think outside of the box and look into creating a personalized water bottle for the volleyball player in your life, maybe with their team photo and number right on the cup. We love these volleyball travel bottles on Etsy.

Headbands – Just like water bottles, a volleyball player can never have too many headbands. Look into getting your player’s favorite headbands in a variety of styles and make sure she’s fully stocked for this upcoming club season.

Volleyball Phone Case – If you’re looking for something to give a volleyball player that they will use more than just while at a game, a new phone case is the perfect gift idea. Make sure you double check what type of phone case you will need before purchasing!

Sneaker Deodorizer Balls – Maybe this could be a joint gift with the odor spray mentioned above, but if you’re constantly plagued by the scent of smelly, gross volleyball shoes these might be able to help clear the air for a little while.

Headphones – While a phone case can be a cheaper tech gift option, you can always take it up a notch by buying your volleyball player some noise cancelling headphones. These headphones are perfect to drown out the sounds of yelling, balls, and whistles at tournaments to help concentrate before a game or eliminate background noise while traveling and trying to get some rest.

Hand-Tied Fleece Blanket – Everyone I know has been cold at some point or another traveling to/from and being at volleyball tournaments. By buying a couple pieces of fleece fabric you can easily create a hand-tied fleece blanket to create a gift that your volleyball player will definitely get some good use out of.

Keychain Accessories – It’s pretty common for players to collect items to put on their backpacks from each tournament or event they go to, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more! Keychain accessories, such as pendants, team names, and numbers, are an inexpensive way to help commemorate a memorable game or season.

DIY It! – Doing a quick Pinterest search of “Volleyball Party” ideas will give you tons of ideas on items you could create yourself as gifts for your volleyball player, coach, or team. From hair bows to pillows to cake pops to bling-ed out shoes, there is something for every crafting skill level!

Jewelry – Volleyball rings, jewelry, and bracelets are a great gift to give to the accessorized athlete in your life. Volleyball jewelry options on Etsy range from low cost earrings to personalized necklaces to stackable rings. 

If you’re still looking for gift ideas for the volleyball player in your life, I hope this list has helped spark some ideas! If you’re already done with your holiday shopping, what good gift ideas would you share that others could use to help shop for their favorite volleyball player? Let us know in the comments!

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