When it comes to product innovation, many times a product cannot advance until new materials or manufacturing methods are invented and/or advanced. This is certainly true for ankle bracing, as the technologies that were developed for the Ultra Zoom® ankle brace from Ultra Ankle® did not exist until they were specifically designed, tested, and proven to help prevent ankle injuries better than any other brace on the market.

The Ultra Zoom® ankle brace from Ultra Ankle® is a one of a kind ankle brace in terms of design and technology due to it’s patented flexible Performathane® soft shell, custom PerformaFit® 3D padding system, and durable hinged-cuff design – three features you will not find on any other brace.

How Does This Work?

For an ankle brace, or any brace to function at its most effective level it has to mirror the shape of the anatomy, which will require the brace to form, or custom-fit to the shape of the joint.  A custom-fit ankle brace is more comfortable, lower profile and more supportive. However, to achieve these custom-fit design goals new materials had to be developed.

Ultra Ankle® embarked on a five-year project to develop materials that would make it possible to design an ankle brace that would be incredibly comfortable, offer long-lasting ankle support, and have multi-season durability. The result is the Ultra Zoom® ankle brace with Performathane® and PerformaFit® technologies.

Outer Flexible Shell, Inner Custom Fit

So what exactly is Performathane® and PerformaFit? Good question.

Performathane® – The material that composes the soft outer shell of the Ultra Zoom® and uses an athlete’s body heat to form or custom-fit to the ankle. Typically, it takes a practice or two for the brace shell to fully form to the shape of the joint. Not only does the Performathane® shell form to the ankle, but it was also engineered to never break, crack or tear offering multi-season durability.

PerformaFit® – This padding system is another Ultra Ankle® invention that adds to the custom-fit properties of the Ultra Zoom®.  A specially designed foam formulation allows the padding system to take the shape of the ankle joint and maintain that shape over time. The PerformaFit® padding system will maintain its cushioning properties throughout an entire sports season.

The Highest Level of Ankle Injury Prevention

Together the Performathane® soft shell and the PerformaFit® padding system offer new levels of comfort, support and durability that older ankle brace designs cannot match. If you’re interested in learning more about our technology, or want to know If the Ultra Zoom® ankle brace is right for you send us a message! Our athletic trainers would be happy to answer your questions.

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